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Frédéric Joubert frederic.joubert@upmc.fr
CNRS Research scientist ORCID 0000-0003-0239-1052
Office (room 418)
(+33) 1 44 27 90 64
(+33) 1 44 27 47 16

Research interests

Biomembrane plasticity and cellular function


After 15 years spent in physiology laboratories studying cardiac energetic and mitochondria functioning, I decided to join Jean Perrin laboratory at UPMC. Using biomimetic systems such as lipid vesicles (GUVs), I study the properties of mitochondrial lipids, and in particular cardiolipids. I also try to understand how membrane invaginations mimicking "mitochondrial cristae" can be formed, and how these nanostructures and the resulting compartmentalization can influence the functioning of an enzyme such as the F1Fo ATPsynthase. For this research, I collaborate with various national and international laboratories. My research combines physicochemical and biophysical approaches, but also experiments on culture cells and on animal models having alterations in the organization of their mitochondrial membranes.



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F. Joubert , N. Puff
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