Dynamics of mitochondrial under oxidative stress with high spatiotemporal resolution

V. Loriette, , A. Fragola, , S. Kruglik , S. Sridhar, , A. Hubert , F. Orieux, , E. Sepulveda, , F. Sureau , S. Bonneau

Front. Cell Dev. Biol., 11
Published 17 Nov. 2023
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3389/fcell.2023.1307502


In our study, we harnessed an original Enhanced Speed Structured Illumination Microscopy (Fast-SIM) imaging setup to explore the dynamics of mitochondrial and inner membrane ultrastructure under specific photo-oxidation stress induced by Chlorin-e6 and light irradiation. Notably, our Fast-SIM system allowed us to observe and quantify a distinct remodeling and shortening of the mitochondrial structure after 60–80 s of irradiation. These changes were accompanied by fusion events of adjacent inner membrane cristae and global swelling of the organelle. Preceding these alterations, a larger sequence was characterized by heightened dynamics within the mitochondrial network, featuring events such as mitochondrial fission, rapid formation of tubular prolongations, and fluctuations in cristae structure. Our findings provide compelling evidence that, among enhanced-resolution microscopy techniques, Fast-SIM emerges as the most suitable approach for non-invasive dynamic studies of mitochondrial structure in living cells. For the first time, this approach allows quantitative and qualitative characterization of successive steps in the photo-induced oxidation process with sufficient spatial and temporal resolution.

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Plasticité membranaire et fonctions cellulaires