Random-access two-photon holographic optogenetic stimulation combined with brain-wide functional light-sheet imaging in larval zebrafish

A. Hubert , M. Dommanget-Kott , S. Wolf , T. Panier , G. Debrégeas , V. Bormuth

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Advances in Microscopic Imaging IV, 12630, 11-14
Published 01 Sep. 2023


We describe a 3D holographic two-photon optogenetics setup based on acousto-optic deflectors combined with a custom-made compact light-sheet microscope setup. The system allows performing 3D-targeted perturbations of neuronal activity while simultaneously imaging the whole brain neuronal response over large field-of-view. This random-access holographic light patterning method offers high-speed sequential activation of dense neuronal assemblies spread over large areas while maintaining constant lateral and axial resolution. Here, we report on a systematic characterization of the stimulated neurons response and perform functional imaging on zebrafish (Danio Rerio) larvae while stimulating single neurons.

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Imagerie calcique et comportement du poisson zèbre et Danionella Cerebrum