Probing in-mouth texture perception with a biomimetic tongue

J.B. Thomazo , J.C. Pastenes , C.J. Pipe , B. Le Révérend , E. Wandersman , A. Prevost

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Journal of Royal Society Interface, 16, 159
Published 02 Oct. 2019
DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2019.0362


An experimental biomimetic tongue palate system has been developed to probe human in-mouth texture perception. Model tongues are made from soft elastomers patterned with fibrillar structures analogous to human filiform papillae. The palate is represented by a rigid flat plate parallel to the plane of the tongue. To probe the behaviour under physiological flow conditions, deflections of model papillae are measured using a novel fluorescent imaging technique enabling sub-micrometre resolution of the displacements. Using optically transparent Newtonian liquids under steady shear flow, we show that deformations of the papillae allow their viscosity to be determined from 1 Pa s down to the viscosity of water (1 mPa s), in full quantitative agreement with a previously proposed model (Lauga et al. 2016 Front. Phys.4, 35 (doi:10.3389/fphy.2016.00035)). The technique is further validated for a shear-thinning and optically opaque dairy system.

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Mécanique des systèmes biologiques intégrés et artificiels