A Semi-Automatic Dispenser for Solid and Liquid Food in Aquatic Facilities

R. Candelier , A. Bois , S. Tronche , J. Mahieu , A. Mannioui

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Zebrafish, 16, 4
Published 01 Aug. 2019
DOI: 10.1089/zeb.2019.1733


We present a novel, low-footprint and low-cost semi-automatic system for delivering solid and liquid food to zebrafish, and more generally to aquatic animals raised in racks of tanks. It is composed of a portable main module equipped with a contactless reader that adjusts the quantity to deliver for each tank, and either a solid food module or a liquid food module. Solid food comprises virtually any kind of dry powder or grains below 2 mm in diameter, and, for liquid-mediated food, brine shrimps (Artemia salina) and rotifers (Rotifera) have been successfully tested. Real-world testing, feedback, and validation have been performed in a zebrafish facility for several months. In comparison with manual feeding this system mitigates the appearance of musculoskeletal disorders among regularly-feeding staff, and let operators observe the animals' behavior instead of being focused on quantities to deliver. We also tested the accuracy of both humans and our dispenser and found that the semi-automatic system is much more reliable, with respectively 7-fold and 84-fold drops in standard deviation for solid and liquid food.

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