Collective stiffening of soft hair assemblies

J.B. Thomazo , E. Lauga , B. Le Révérend , E. Wandersman , A. Prevost

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Physical Review E Rapid Communication, 102, 1, 010602(R)
Published 02 Jul. 2020
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.102.010602


Many living systems use assemblies of soft and slender structures whose deflections allow them to mechanically probe their immediate environment. In this work, we study the collective response of artificial soft hair assemblies to a shear flow by imaging their deflections. At all hair densities, the deflection is found to be proportional to the local shear stress with a proportionality factor that decreases with density. The measured collective stiffening of hairs is modeled both with a microscopic elastohydrodynamic model that takes into account long range hydrodynamic hair-hair interactions and a phenomenological model that treats the hair assemblies as an effective porous medium. While the microscopic model is in reasonable agreement with the experiments at low hair density, the phenomenological model is found to be predictive across the entire density range.

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Mécanique des systèmes biologiques intégrés et artificiels