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Soutenance de thèse de Manon Valet
SEP 2019

J'aimerais vous inviter à ma soutenance de thèse "Transport properties in biomimetic tissues" qui aura lieu Vendredi 6 septembre 2019 à 14h en amphithéâtre Charpak. Vous êtes également conviés au pot qui suivra en salle de séminaire du laboratoire, 5e étage, tour 32-33 autour de 17h.


short abstract:

My PhD project consists in developing artificial tissues in order to enable a quantitative and reproducible study of ion channels. I use Droplet Interface Bilayers (DIBs) as model lipid membranes. A DIB can be obtained by bringing in close contact two aqueous droplets bathing in a mixture of oil and lipids. I put several droplets together to build arrays of connected membranes. Inter-droplet communication is enabled by ion channels (hemolysin) inserted in these membranes.

During the first part, I will present an original method of water-in-oil emulsion production that we developed. I will then explain how we studied the transport kinetics of a fluorescent probe in bilayer networks connected by hemolysin. The last part will describe the in situ production of hemolysin through the use of cell-free systems.


The jury will be composed of:

Alexis Prevost PhD advisor
Elie Wanderman co-PhD advisor, invited member
Léa-Laetitia Pontani co-PhD advisor, invited member
Cécile Sykes (Institut Curie, Paris)
Jean-Baptiste Fournier (MSC, Paris)
Dora Tang (MPI-CBG, Dresden)
Fabien Montel, reviewer (LPENSL de Lyon, Lyon)
Christophe Ybert, reviewer (ILM, Lyon)