Multi-species adherent communities

Contacts: Nelly Henry, Philippe Thomen

In nature, biofilms are very often made of multi-species complex assemblage in which inter-species interactions are promoted by confinement. The importance of these interactions in the development and the persistency of the biofilms is just starting to be recognized. In our group, we are instigating a new project based on a combinatorial aiming at identifying the inter-species interactions, their role in the biofilm development and their contribution to biofilm response to perturbation using a 4-species model community of natural origin.

 Community members:

We are currently devising a set of phenotypic descriptors to be measured in all the 1 to 4-components combinations of the 4-species.

Home-made microfabricated devices will be developed to collect the descriptors (spatial distribution of the 4 species, internal dynamics, growth rate, etc.) in the 15 channels in parallel.

The project includes transcriptomic and genomic analyses of the key steps of the biofilm development in close collaboration with our colleagues from INRA, Institut MICALIS.

 • Master 2 internship, Thesis

2015-2016 : Development of a set of phenotypic descriptors for model multi-species biofilm monitoring (more).